Highlights from today at Fenway

(Recap from tweets with a little more explanation)

Omg. Omg. Omfg. I am TOTALLY going to cry on Friday. Game over. #NHLWinterClassic 
(outside Fenway) http://yfrog.com/333r7gj

Fenway from the ice (video) 
http://yfrog.com/1dsi8kj (snapshot just after i stepped on the ice)
http://yfrog.us/j2oytz (oops i was holding the camera sideways, argh!)

Sk8in (this one had ALL the pics and NO explanation, just trying to fit the all in) 
http://yfrog.com/4icwnzj me with John McKenzie (am i even spelling it right?)
http://yfrog.com/4gc4vj OMG i am on the field at FENWAY!!!
http://yfrog.com/4erzupj the ice, from the entry to it 
http://yfrog.com/358d9aj  the ice, from just outside the boards
http://yfrog.com/auu50j from the bench, looking back at the "home plate" stage

Press conference of @NHLFlyers and @NHLBruins alumni talking about the teams' histories 

(group photo, MacKenzie & a bunch of others, including Derek Sanderson) http://yfrog.com/351zbcj

(and lastly)

It's like Santa's village down there-steadily milling with people prepping big show. The stage: home plate shaped

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