Laura’s “Rules”

i think the absolute central challenge in life is to learn to not be afraid of who you actually are.

1. be kind and fair to everyone.

2. don't worry whether or not anyone likes you.

3. help people.

4. ask.

5. act. (get excited and share it)

6. love yourself.

7. love others. (try radical forgiveness)

8. gratitude for everything.

9. hope is your only hope. (and fear is your only worry)

10. be present.

BONUS: adversity is an opportunity: ask yourself, when something goes wrong, "what bullet did i just dodge?"

18 thoughts on “Laura’s “Rules”

  1. you had me at the first statement. the next 11 are just delicious icing. 🙂 well said. here’s to living it.

  2. Great rules. After only two weeks, one of the agency heads at my new job pegged me as that "quiet analytical guy." Spot on. I think "reinventing yourself" is a myth. I coudn’t be anyone else no matter now hard I tried.

  3. Wonderful rules! No wonder you’re such a delight to work with… My favorite people in the world are those who are who they say they are. Sometime that actually first requires figuring that out.

  4. Love your list — inspiring, true, to the point. I’m particularly mindful about #5 &#6 this week. #laurasrules

  5. I’ve seen a similar list written by a great lady. One of her additions to the list was "Stay away from mean people. They’ll suck the life out of you." (or something like that) I think that one’s very important. As I’ve nearly lost myself before when surrounded by people who don’t really embrace the rules.

  6. Ah, a breath of fresh air in a world of smog. It’s good to know other good people still do exist.

  7. Whenever I forget how amazing I am – when I start to believe that the world is coming to an end – You remind me that my life belongs to me – and the good is TO LIVE IT!

  8. Sometimes we get so busy and we become unconscious to the basics. Thanks for the reminders Laura.

  9. The best mentors inspire mentees to mentor. That’s you, Laura. Thank you for being my mentor and living by these rules.

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