synaptic. remix.

rememberingforgotten things i never knew. humbled. thirsty to learn. grateful.where to begin? your (aggregate) work amazes me. your energy.

thank you.
someof it is in escaping & reinventing context. framing. perspectives.priorities. but most is in listening. watching. seeking out.

it's only just seeping in how much you inspired me.

my cup runs over. so i'm afraid to spill it. maybe instead i'll pour it out somewhere it can do some good. then refill.

synaptic. remix.

(some tweeted reflections on my melted brainstate on the Sunday evening after #fooeast. just starting to appreciate the incredible minds that were brought together and how each is the node of amazing work, and the possibilities in broadening my mind by following and thinking about their work more… the experience was synaptic, connective. the challenge now is to remix the ideas and energy and listening and learning.)

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