Kangaroo Care: When babywearing is a matter of life and death

As promised, Kangaroo Care: When babywearing is a matter of life and death http://twurl.nl/r062ln not "fashion" http://twurl.nl/ki65dm. Greater awareness of the importance ofcarrying babies close, and acceptance and support of the practice isimportant, on many levels. Even when I got "permission" to do it in the NICU, it was only to holdher, not properly wear her. Nobody had info on the right slings to use. So, while we gave her some kangaroo care while sitting around, I was never able to fully carry her that way til we got home.

My slings and baby wraps are so precious to me, I could not bring myself to give them away with the baby clothes. It's hard to explain. And it's definitely not a practice that's accepted on the level it ought to be. Ostracizing it isn't the most fantastic idea. Although I know they didn't "mean" harm, the ad basically made it sound like a snarky mom was playing along with a lame fad. That's a terrific way to regard something that can really improve quality of life for babies and parents of BOTH genders.


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